Eleanor Vandruff
Eleanor Vandruff

A place for friends of Eleanor to post thoughts on her life.

  • Steve Brown
  • What a glorious entrance into the Kingdom your mom is having. I am sure you have pictured it in your mind many times since the news. What loss to the world this all was, but I can do nothing now but pump my fist and smile that she is finally home. Even Heaven got a little brighter on that day.

  • Keith Boone
  • I am so with you, at being blessed. Trust me when I say I understand. Just think how fortunate I am. I had Mom "Naomi" & Mom "Eleanor" in my life. Because that is how Jean & Eleanor treated me from the first time I walked in the Van Druff home. Like family.

    My thoughts of you are with unconditional love, Eleanor.

    Try to imagine what your life would have been without her. We were blessed to have known her…

    My loving thoughts are to every Van Druff I know.

  • Jeannine Brusseau
  • She was more "mom" than "mentor"... she invested so much of her time & love in me... a wonderful example of Prov 31 to all of us.

  • John Gerace
  • I met Eleanor when I was 14 years old as I befriended her youngest son, Stephen. The moment I met Eleanor I saw instantly where Stephen got his bubbly, magnetic personality.

    The Vandruff household was a refuge for me as I grew up through adolescence into adulthood. It was a home containing a lot of love and intellectually stimulating discussion. It was a stark contrast to my own home where my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 6 years old. My father did the best he could to raise five young children, but unfortunately there was a persistent void of a mother's love.

    As with so many others, Eleanor became my surrogate mother. The love and warmth she poured out kept me coming back to the Vandruff home as frequently as I could - even if it was just to visit with Jean and Eleanor.

    I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend with Eleanor. She not only spiritually nurtured me, but helped me get a summer job at the Lile's grocery store. She even played match-maker and introduced me to a girl I had a crush on at Sunday school.

    Eleanor has had a profound impact on my life. I'll miss her very much. However, she has left a rich legacy. I see a little bit of Eleanor in each of her four amazing sons - and every time I get to spend time with Mark, Marshall, Dean or Stephen - I will remember Eleanor.

  • Ted Hillberg
  • Eleanor was a lasting "milepost" and influence in my formative life - as, has been the whole family.

    As I was outside, taking a break from the computer, I found myself singing Eleanor’s "signature song" - 'Fill my cup, Lord'.  It's amazing what sticks with us...  I have found myself singing that many times, over the years; and, each time I can hear her contralto voice filling the room with it's warm oil.  I can’t really explain it to you; but, that song (and her singing it) has been a constant source of soothing and encouragement for me over the years.

    God bless you, your family and your memories… I/we will be in continued prayer for your Peace, Comfort, and Abiding Love in Him.

  • Steve Acheson
  • She was amazing and had such a great outlook on life…

  • Patricia Pendergraft
  • You know when Eleanor sang, I believe for her, her only audience was the Lord. She just wanted to glorify Him… She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She touched my life and so many others in such a special, Godly way. What an amazing woman she was.

  • Jane Doney
  • What a beautiful voice the heavenly choir has gained.

    She was such a special woman and she will be missed until we are all together again. She made my family the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner the week we lost my dad, almost 31 years ago- I will never forget that outpouring of love and care. She also welcomed me with such kindness when we moved to California.

    She leaves a legacy of love, kindness and heart. I can't wait to see her again someday when we all reach the other shore.

  • Deborah Willard McDade
  • Ah, the memories of Sundays and her singing - so many favorites, but most especially, "I'd Rather Have Jesus!"

  • Kim Pell
  • …just brought back a flood of memories.....she was an awesome lady!!

  • Denise Dukeshier
  • I remember her best for "He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels!"

  • Cathy Day-Bonke
  • She touched the lives of so many with her precious gift of music. One of my fondest memories of her is singing "Like the Woman At the Well". I use to stay for 2 services just to listen to her sing a second time. I will always remember her generous spirit and kind heart.

  • David Schaffner
  • Eleanor. What a sweet soul! I remember accompanying her on the piano. I always felt so inadequate playing for her… but she made such a point to compliment me and make me feel at ease.

  • Barbara Watts Cramer
  • I will forever remember her smooth soulful voice, laugh & sense of humor, wisdom, availability, and always her love. All these things are etched in my heart and will live there until we meet again.

  • Bonnie (Burnett) Deschner
  • What I remember most of your mom is when I was at your house and went head first down the pool slide and knocked out my two front teeth.  I was mortified!!   Then your mom arranged for her own dentist in Los Angeles to see me and correct the teeth.  While I was there, I got to see Elizabeth Taylor--that was her dentist too.  Your mom and I laughed about sneaking around the office to see her--the dentist was in on it as he really liked your mom.

    ...You're family did so much for us after dad died.

  • Jim Redden
  • There are not enough words to describe the impact Eleanor had in the lives of the Redden family.  How we love her!

    This life "was but for a moment"...a vapor.  Now she is really living.

  • Cherie Jones Redden
  • When David was born she sent a meal. I still remember her boys literally hauling food into the house. It was over a weeks worth of the best food I've ever tasted. We still make her twice baked potatoes.

    All last night I kept thinking of our 6th grade SS department. 6 men and 6 women teachers...which included Jean and Eleanor. She was a master teacher, but would call me and ask questions long before I had the lesson ready. She taught me to be a teacher by asking for my help... which I'm sure she never needed. Amazing. And then the phone calls where we'd talk for over an hour and I’d hang up and not know what she had called about. How I love her!!!

  • Mark Redden
  • …1 of the best apologetics and encouragements for my faith; so real. I so want more of what Mr. and Mrs. Vandruff have.

  • Ruth Herber
  • What an amazing woman of God. She touched so many lives and there are many in the kingdom because of her life and service.

  • Julie Williams Jezowski
  • I loved her. She was my favorite Sunday School teacher.

  • Shelley (Wolfsberger) Reed
  • My mother also moved to heaven on Monday, November 2nd, so it must have been quite a celebration!

    I so enjoyed reading what your father wrote about your mom and how fortunate you are to have parents that loved each other so much. I know it was certainly a blessing in my life and quite a legacy to my children.

  • Jeff Liles
  • It was a wonderful day when the Liles where blessed to meet the Vandruff Family.  They changed our lives forever.  Introduced us to true Christian love. When I was a teenager Jean and Eleanor took time from their busy lives to have bible study for a bunch of my friends. To this day some are now teaching their children to love the Lord.

    The Vandruff’s have truly made a difference in the lives of many.  Eleanor always had an encouraging word, great smile, and was fun to be around. Our love and prayers are with all of your family. I know my Mom was waiting at the gates of heaven to see her dear friend Eleanor!  Thanks Jean, thanks Eleanor, for enriching our lives.

  • Pam Liles Mcginnis
  • Eleanor was the most loving person. I never heard her say an unkind word. She always found the best in everyone.

    When she sang “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold,” you knew she lived that life.

    What a wonderful gift from God she was to us!

    As I was praying for the family, I started crying, just thinking of Eleanor at Jesus feet, what a beautiful picture. I know she will be missed… but the love that she showed everyone will be with us till we all meet.

    I want to thank Jean for taking loving care of such a special lady that gave so much to so many.

  • Brenda (Coleman) Bollet
  • I had no idea she was afflicted with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. I know from personal experience that both, when not combined challenge even the strongest of families.  It must be a welcome relief to know she is whole again and waiting for the rest of her family in the very best accommodations!

    I hope the memorial service is a heart-warming reminder of how valued Eleanor was to EVERYONE who met her.

  • Nigel Neale
  • I will always remember Mrs. Vandruff and I know she touched so many people’s lives. She always made you feel important… and well fed.

  • Ross Orndorff
  • I have the fondest of memories of her and growing up around the Vandruff family… She cooked for EVERYONE!! I remember that especially when my sister was born and when my mother passed away.

    Side-by-side, she'd take my arm, when we used to sing together back in the 70's, on Sunday afternoons walking through the corridors of the rest homes.

  • Nan and Dale DeHaven
  • Eleanor is shining now with royal and glorious splendor in The Presence of the One she adores. We rejoice for her!

    I'll miss her 'til I hear that velvet voice yet again.

  • Julie Trautloff Terrell  
  • “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

    As I read through the comments of so many, love, love, love is the through line.  Eleanor loved each of us so very much because the One who is love was her life.  What an effect a person like that has on their world. 

    I remember Eleanor taking my hand on stage at a chapel service at Central Baptist Elementary School and testifying to the audience the story of my family and the car accident that took my mom and younger brother home to be with the Lord.  She told folks about the fire and how it was a miracle that I could stand beside her.  What compassion and an unwavering trust in our loving and precious Christ who is sovereign.  A godly women who encouraged an eight year old little girl to trust in the Lord. 

    Thank you, Lord, for Eleanor.  What a joy to have known her and to have been loved by her.

  • Tammy (Knight) Bryant
  • C. S. Lewis said that life on Earth is just the title page of your story. What a fabulous title page she had!!! When I talk to my kids (I have seven of them) about the people who have made the biggest impression on my life, the most beautiful people I've ever known, Mrs. VanDruff is ALWAYS on the top of my list.

  • Anita Hussey  
  • I have loved Eleanor greatly since we first met, as have so many others.  She was that shining witness to the Christian life the Lord wants us to live; what a wonderful light to follow back home to God!

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